Business consultant with a proven track record of streamlining business operations resulting in more time, money, and scalability.

Areas of consulting focus:

• Systems    • Scalability    • Duplication    • e‑Commerce    • Technology Integrations    • Automation    • Team Organization    • Operations Bottleneck Identification

Bale Doneen Practice

Bale Doneen Practice

Comprehensive business process restructure.

Dr. Bradly Bale and Dr. Amy Doneen educate doctors on effective Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention techniques and regimens through weekend preceptorships, monthly research-update webinars, and online video courses with testing.

Laborious, high-touch, and disconnected customer acquisition and fulfillment processes were severely hindering growth and thus their whole business model – educate more doctors to help more patients prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Entirely new business systems utilizing repeatable processes and low-touch customer engagement were implemented allowing Bale Doneen to focus on growth and educating their clients, not organizing and fulfilling their orders.

Systems created and implemented:
• Payment processing    • Recurring payments    • Webinar orginization    • Contact us web forms    • Event management & coordination process    • Email campaign system    • Order fulfillment process    • Continued education process    • Customer engagement process    • CRM integration with everything above

Other services provided:
• Domain name work    • Graphic design    • List organization - spreadsheet work to merge duplicates, improve accuracy, and standardize formatting of a contact list of 15,000 records

"Chad did a full business consultation for us, and everything is way more streamlined now.

Our medical group had more than 10 processes that needed to be assessed and rebuilt into a system that every employee could easily access. Now everything feeds into our CRM, so alerts show up in our "To Do" list daily.

With so many moving pieces to our organization, Chad's consulting has kept us on track and made sure every client is served."

-Julie Morin
Director of Business Development

Julie Morin

Bale Doneen Practice

Beyond Pink Thermography Grants and Fundraiser

Grant applicant fulfillment process restructure.

Charlie Brewer and Karla Schuback are partners with a cause! They raise money and awareness for Thermography, a cutting-edge breast cancer early-identification technology. Karla runs the Thermography clinic and Charlie coordinates and distributes funds to thermography grant recipients.

As Beyond Pink grew, they had more funds to distribute and more women interested in free or reduced thermography scans. The systems in place were not allowing Charlie to keep up with the demand.

New grant application and fulfillment processes are helping Charlie approve more grants in less time, and if something is found in a scan she has more time to make sure they take the appropriate steps to address the newly identified risk… often saving a life.

Systems created and implemented:
• Grant application workflows    • Automated application follow ups    • Thermography result workflows    • Recipient continued engagement process   

"We are so grateful to Chad Cleveland for these organizational tools!

They will allow us to streamline our contacts and recipients, create fast and easy work flows on our projects and give us efficient follow up tools!

Thank you for giving us the gift of time to save more lives."

-Charlie Brewer

Charlie Brewer

Farmers Insurance

The Bullock Agency of Farmers Insurance

Sales process development and management.

Sales and service processes were developed utilizing a vertically integrated system that allowed team members to focus on becoming excellent at a few tasks rather than being adequate at all tasks. The results were exceptional.

Customers were better informed and happier because they always spoke to team members who were experts in the current topic of conversation.

Team morale increased because each member was able to focus on what they were good at, rather than having to learn how to do everything.

The Bullock Agency became the 4th most productive agency in WA with a team a fraction of the size of all other top agencies.

Systems created and implemented:
• Improved sales process    • Customer service system    • Customer relationship management    • Employee management process   

"Chad helped us attain amazing growth!

We climbed to #4 in Washington state with only three marketers and two licensed agents; every other agency in the top-ten had at least six licensed agents."

-Chuck Bullock
Agency Owner


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