Automate and mobilize your business with a web-application.

Development Skills:

• Caspio – My Caspio Community Forum profile    • Database Engineering    • HTML5    • CSS3    • JavaScript

Bale Doneen Practice


Cloud based Customer Relationship and Process Management

ezIQ is a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system focused on easily implementing duplicable processes (aka systems), building stronger relationships with customers and prospects, taking the stress out of remembering what’s been done or what to do next, and getting more done in less time.

ToDo Lists: reports of pending activities based on group, user, and/or date.

Workflows: duplicable processes to help users stay on track.

Reports & Lists: customer data lists and activity reports for export or use in ezIQ.

Mobile Friendly: easy access to customer data and account activity from any device.

Email Templates: transactional email templates.

Checklists: customer lifecycle checklists with statuses.

Elegant & Modern design: clean, easy to read, large font, few clicks, few pages.

Development skills used:
• Database structure    • Caspio    • HTML5    • CSS3    • Javascript    • Iframes    • Cross domain scripting    • Automation    • Integrations    • Graphic design    • User interface design    • Server side programing   

"I literally sleep better knowing ezIQ will tell me what I need to do tomorrow, and that I didn't forget to do anything today."

-Ryan Sawyer
Spartan GSX, Sawyer Paints

Ryan Sawyer

"ezIQ saves me a lot of time. Just the 30-second email, I was doing that in about 15 to 20 minutes before, and creating workflows for my daily to do list, that's saving me a ton of time too."

-Jolene Fisher
4-star Golden Circle Executive with Isagenix

Jolene Fisher

Mascot Construction

Mascot Construction

Custom Development

Engineered and developed several key modules for their client, technician, service order, and site management application.

Instant Messenger: Internal communication tool for projects. Messages can be sent to groups or individuals, replies are organized by conversation string, and messages are loaded quickly while being light on the server.

Service Order Generator: Service Order and Site lists to be serviced are generated when a technician chooses a route.

Site Inspection Quality Assurance Checklist: Site surveys are created when a technician gets on site, and each list item is stepped through with multiple triggers and actions.

Development skills used:
• Caspio    • HTML5    • CSS3    • Javascript    • Automation    • Integrations   

"As a novice with Caspio, JavaScript and HTML/CSS programing and aced with time constraints on the project deadline, I decided to hire a freelance developer. My research turned up Chad as a good choice for the expert help I needed.

Chad not built a messaging module for us, he pointed out several possible issues in my workflow and came up with a complete solution. The app was completed within a week and after a few days of testing the application was performing flawlessly.

I look forward to hiring Chad and his expertise again as this project grows and demands the knowledge and professionalism that he brings to the table."

-Jim Ellington
IT Manager

Greater Spokane Inc.

Greater Spokane Incorporated

Referral tracking app - ezB2B

GSI needed a mobile-friendly web-application for B2B Connect, their referral passing networking groups.

ezB2B allows users to send referrals to fellow group members easily and on-the-fly.

When a referral is given, an email with details of the referral and contact information for all three parties is sent to the person giving the referral, getting the referral, and being referred. These referrals are then easily tracked and reported. New users are approved by admins through a simple portal to protect user information.

Development skills used:
• Caspio    • HTML5    • CSS3    • Javascript    • Automation    • Graphic design    • User interface design   

"coming soon"

-Heather Hamlin
Member Relations Manager

Heather Hamlin

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